I was recently interviewed by regarding my involvement in the next generation of space robotics and engaging the next generation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. You can check out the entire article in their online magazine here:

Dear Canada, I grew up enraptured and mesmerized as I watched Space Shuttle launches and followed with bated breath as the Space Station was assembled with Canadarm2 or when Dextre first launched. I have witnessed three Canadian astronaut selection campaigns and had an ear-to-ear, long-lasting smile after waiting in line for Roberta Bondar’s autograph. I dreamed of space travel and how my role in the Canadian space program would revolutionize space exploration…. Read More

I am an Aerospace Engineer. A Rocket Scientist. My days start early and end late, constantly creating, learning, and developing. Searching for interactions to spark my imagination and fuel my inspiration. I spend my days working on 3D computer models or using hardware and operating robots. My language is trajectory analysis, data trending, and risk assessment. Learning trade-offs between, cost, safety, and reliability is my game. If asked last minute to head… Read More