Pretzel Log Cabin

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Who needs a Gingerbread House when you can engineer a log cabin instead! Check out my latest project. All you need are a few basic materials:

– Large pretzels (approximately 1 foot long) and spiral pretzels

– Hot Glue

– Icing Sugar

– Fine coconut

– Chocolate cookie crumbs

– Marshmallows

– Assorted Candy

– Greenery

  1. Using an old cookie sheet or cardboard, construct the base of the log cabin in any design using hot glue (the hot glue speeds up the drying process). Continue building up the pretzels until the body of the log cabin is complete.
  2. Contstruct the roof of the log cabin and leave until fully dry. Mount it onto the body of the log cabin using hot glue.
  3. Mix together the icing sugar with water to create a tacky glue. Spread over the cookie sheet or cardboard base and sprinkle with coconut for the snow. Repeat for the roof of the log cabin.
  4. Create a pathway out of chocolate cookie crumbs and decorate the log cabin with candy i.e. candy canes, jelly beans, or smarties.
  5. Decorate with assorted greenery.
  6. Create a snowman out of marshmallows.


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