Almost 20 years ago Roberta Bondar autographed one of her books for me (signed “Reach for the stars Natalie, and I’ll see you there”). After 20+ years chasing a dream of becoming an astronaut (no, I am not one yet!), I am part of a museum exhibit alongside her, as well as Canadian Physician Shawna Pandya. Just unbelievable! If you are in Toronto, you MUST check out the Women In Space exhibit… Read More

I am an Aerospace Engineer. A Rocket Scientist. My days start early and end late, constantly creating, learning, and developing. Searching for interactions to spark my imagination and fuel my inspiration. I spend my days working on 3D computer models or using hardware and operating robots. My language is trajectory analysis, data trending, and risk assessment. Learning trade-offs between, cost, safety, and reliability is my game. If asked last minute to head… Read More

Some of the coolest things to add to your Christmas list! Norman Mailer Moonfire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 Smarwool Women’s NTS Mid 250 Pattern Bottom, designed to keep you warm in the coldest conditions GoPro Hero 3 Subscription to Backpacker and Popular Science magazines Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm F-4.0-5.6 Lens LEGO Shuttle Expedition, complete with Solid Rocket Boosters and External Tank! BioLite Camp Stove, the Backcountry Generator Arc’teryx Stingray Pant… Read More