Dear Canada, I grew up enraptured and mesmerized as I watched Space Shuttle launches and followed with bated breath as the Space Station was assembled with Canadarm2 or when Dextre first launched. I have witnessed three Canadian astronaut selection campaigns and had an ear-to-ear, long-lasting smile after waiting in line for Roberta Bondar’s autograph. I dreamed of space travel and how my role in the Canadian space program would revolutionize space exploration…. Read More

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the conference in November 2012. Held at the Ontario Science Center, the innovative event celebrated (R)evolution and was an opportunity to inspire the next generation to be fearless and to challenge themselves. Check out my talk online!

An inspirational┬ávideo called ‘Kids These Days’, given by a fellow speaker from TEDxYouth@Toronto 2012. Check it out!