“Every technology we develop is an extension of one of our own senses or capabilities.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking alongside iconic Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood on a Science and Art panel at a conference called Discourse and Dynamics. Aside from insightful discussions about the environment, hemp airplanes, and the importance of adaptability, we also discussed the history of robotics. I am so delighted to see this incredibly thoughtful piece… Read More

I am an Aerospace Engineer. A Rocket Scientist. My days start early and end late, constantly creating, learning, and developing. Searching for interactions to spark my imagination and fuel my inspiration. I spend my days working on 3D computer models or using hardware and operating robots. My language is trajectory analysis, data trending, and risk assessment. Learning trade-offs between, cost, safety, and reliability is my game. If asked last minute to head… Read More

Another article that defines a new type of leadership, which can help to cultivate talent inĀ our generation. As part of a six-week series, these articles examine what ‘leadership could look like in the future’.