This post is slightly delayed but I wanted to share an amazing conference I spoke at a few weeks ago, at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. The Perimeter Institute hosted an inspirational half day conference in April to bring together like minded young women with a strong interest in science and expose them to the rewards, challenges and possibilities of a career in science. It was truly an inspiring day and… Read More

Help a Girl Become a Race Car Engineer, Chemist, or even an environmental scientist. The Cybermentor Program at the University of Calgary is looking to Go Mobile! Cybermentor is a program that offers high-quality opportunities for young women to engage with, ask questions, and interact with someone in their possible field of interest. Cybermentor facilitates mentorship between young women and female professionals in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field. This… Read More

I had the opportunity in the fall to give a keynote at the Women Engineering the Future Expo. The 2-day conference is designed to inspire more women to enter and succeed in engineering and technology fields. The conference is all about networking and highlighting the many opportunities available to women in engineering disciplines. It’s about preparing for future success, learning from industry experts, and really just getting inspired. You can checkout my… Read More