Sarah McNair-Landry. Adventurer. Trailblazer.

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Adventurer. Revolutionary. Cinematographer. The youngest person in the world to ski to the South Pole, and alongside her mom, the first Canadian women to ski to the South Pole.

Sarah McNair-Landry is destined to leave her mark on adventuring. Growing up on Baffin Island, with Arctic guides as parents, Sarah was immersed in the culture. So exactly what can we include on her resume:

In 2004-2005, she spent 52 days on an un-supported ski expedition without re-supply to the south pole with her family. She travelled across the Greenland ice cap in 2003 with her family, and later did the 1500 miles again with kite skis. They set off from Tuktoyaktuk in the NWT in 2011 using dog-sleds, which her and her brother had learned to use as children growing up. They also incorporated kite skiing to show how to move quickly over long distances. Spending 85 days across the sheet and finally landing home on Baffin Island.

Alongside extreme kayakers Tyler Bradt and Erik Boomer, Sarah McNair-Landry also navigated 450 kilometers across the Sea of Cortez. To take her expeditions to the next level, Sarah took filmmaking courses at the New York Film Academy. Beyond this, she is a National Geographic Young Explorers Grantee; all this while inspiring the next generation of explorers to be bold and audacious.

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