In my down time or at the end of a long day on trail, I love a good book! Here are a handful of recommendations for great summer reads: Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck by Carey Lohrenz Carey D. Lohrenz is a pilot and aviation pioneer. She learned the true meaning of fearless leadership “in some of the most demanding and extreme environments imaginable: the cockpit of an F-14… Read More

I wanted to take the opportunity to briefly write about two awesome articles related to the super rad Jessi Combs!! First up is an article about Jessi’s most recent land speed record breaking attempt, which is a must read. Along with the North American Eagle team, Jessi traveled to the Alvord Desert dry lakebed in southeast Oregon to attempt breaking the women’s world land speed record. This record was set by Kitty… Read More

Really? Why is it that local bookstores have categories titled ‘Boys with Brains’ or ‘What Every Man Should Have’ that feature technical and scientific material? Would not some of these books be equally appealing to ‘Girls with Brains’ ? Here are some of the books I think ‘Every Woman Should Have’: ‘What Do You Care What Other People Think’ – Insight into the life and adventures of charismatic physicist Richard Feynman, proving… Read More