Girls with Brains

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Really? Why is it that local bookstores have categories titled ‘Boys with Brains’ or ‘What Every Man Should Have’ that feature technical and scientific material? Would not some of these books be equally appealing to ‘Girls with Brains’ ?

Here are some of the books I think ‘Every Woman Should Have’:

‘What Do You Care What Other People Think’ – Insight into the life and adventures of charismatic physicist Richard Feynman, proving that while curiosity alone is compelling, it is aggressive curiosity and constantly testing new ideas that leads to innovation.

‘Men for the Mountains’ – a poetic and beautiful account of the life of a Park Warden in the Canadian Rockies and further solidifying my stance that you can take a girl away from the mountains, but you cannot take the mountains out of the girl.

‘Screw It, Let’s Do It’ – Well, pretty much exactly what the title says. Richard Branson’s life philosophy, mantra, and lessons for life and business.

‘Desert Solitaire’ – Stories during the solitary life of a ranger in a U.S. national park emphasizing the need to protect our wilderness and halt its destruction.

‘Carrying the Fire’ – Recounting the journeys, trials, and triumphs of an era of heroes during the Apollo space missions.


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