I wanted to take the opportunity to briefly write about two awesome articles related to the super rad Jessi Combs!!

First up is an article about Jessi’s most recent land speed record breaking attempt, which is a must read. Along with the North American Eagle team, Jessi traveled to the Alvord Desert dry lakebed in southeast Oregon to attempt breaking the women’s world land speed record. This record was set by Kitty O’Neil back in 1976 at a speed of 512.70 miles per hour! Totally epic. Can you imagine setting a land speed record? Sign me up! Hint hint…if anyone is reading this;)

Check it out here!

Secondly, definitely look into her new children’s book titled ‘Joey and the Chopper Boys’. Joey is a little girl who loves motorcycles. The book conveys that anyone can do anything they dream if they believe in themselves.

You can grab a copy of the book here! Content like this is so, so important for inspiring a generation of young people to believe that they can do and be anything.

In the words of Jessi: Girls Can Too!!

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