Wright Brothers of Our Generation

I recently read Richard Branson’s  book ‘Reach for the Skies’. It is a tribute to and an exploration of the history of flight. An inspirational tale of the visionaries and adventurers who paved the path for aviation and revolutionized air travel.

Cam Robertson and Todd Reichert are going to become a building block in that history, for their fearless and audacious pursuit of aviation dreams and records. Cam and Todd are the real deal – revolutionizing, influencing, and changing our era of aviation.

They have already broken records and guaranteed their names a place in history when they built the first-ever human-powered ornithopter, an exploration into the true nature of flight. Snowbird flew for 19.3 seconds and long enough to guarantee the flight made record books by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Simply, the bird is elegant and graceful.


And now the boys are back. Chasing the Sikorsky Prize for the world’s first successful flight of a human-powered helicopter.

Be inspired.



P.s. You guys are Awesome.

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