Why to Try Winter Camping

1. Few, if any, people. It is a certainty that the cold weather and the thought of sleeping overnight in below zero temperatures with only a tent protecting you from the elements discourages many people from camping in the winter months. There is nothing better than exploring the outdoors without seeing another person. The silence is bliss.

2. Choice of campsites. So many provincial and national campsites require reservations FAR in advance of your desired camping date during the busy summer months. But, you often get the choice of any campsites you want in the winter months and anywhere. Even on a lake.

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3. The night sky. It is rare to see a constellation like Orion in any large city given the amount of light pollution. But in the winter, the sky seems darker than it should with billions of gems twinkling as a backdrop. I love feeling overwhelmed by how many stars there are; so many stars that it is actually hard to pick out the constellations.

4. Hot meals. Typically when I am on a spring, summer, or fall camping trip I usually only eat one hot meal per day. Temperatures below freezing and falling snow simply calls for three hot meals each day to keep you warm and energized! Not to mention the hot chocolate.

5. Cozy up. I like to move all day when winter camping to reduce the time I spend idle at the campsite at the end of a day (which increases your chance of getting cold). At the end of a long day after camp is set and food is consumed, it is time to cozy into a sleeping bag. I love falling asleep to the dead silence in winter.

6. Playing in the snow. Speaks for itself!

7. The colors. The contrast between evergreen trees dusted with snow or turquoise waters lined with ice is spectacular. Winter white just seems to bring out the vibrancy of nature and creates a perfect background for photography.

8. Breaking trail. Probably my most beloved activity in the winter, whether in boots or on snowshoes. There is nothing better than being the first to step into the fresh snow, leaving footprints behind as you explore the outdoors in solitude.

Winter camping is an experience that should be tried at least once. At the end of the day if nothing else, you get bragging rights for surviving a night sleeping in the snow.

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