While I have been active on my blog and Twitter for some time now, I am attempting to extend my reach to Instagram as a platform to share my adventures and encourage more women to move outside the bounds of our comfort zones. If you interested in more of my trips and explorations, connect with me on my Instagram account here!

1. Few, if any, people. It is a certainty that the cold weather and the thought of sleeping overnight in below zero temperatures with only a tent protecting you from the elements discourages many people from camping in the winter months. There is nothing better than exploring the outdoors without seeing another person. The silence is bliss. 2. Choice of campsites. So many provincial and national campsites require reservations FAR in advance… Read More

Costa Rica is a lush and gorgeous destination, whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure. The country may seem small but there are multiple destinations and sights to see, where you could spend endless hours enjoying in their splendor. Costa Rica has a ton of coastline. Translation -> a ton of beaches to explore! But the interior is equally stunning with rainforests, waterfalls, and wildlife. The beauty really lies in the more… Read More