Canadian Air & Space Museum

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Sadly the Canadian Air & Space Museum was evicted from its location at Downsview Park and is now on a campaign to raise an initial goal of $500 000. The museum has a stunning and priceless collection of pieces that play a unparalled role in the history of Canadian aviation.

Those willing to donate can give in donations starting from $5 at this ste:

You can also find information on the site regarding the history of the museum, the cause, and the collection. The funding will help cover storage costs until a permanent location can be found in addition to pay for construction of a new hangar to house the only full-scale metal replica of the Avro Arrow and a Second World War Avro Lancaster Bomber. The museum is currently in discussion with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to re-open the museum on the Pearson International Airport campus.

So spread the word and let’s help preserve these precious Canadian artifacts!

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