Toronto >> Ottawa >> Iqaluit >> Pangnirtung >> Qikiqtarjuaq >> Auyuittuq National Park One week. One hundred kilometers through Canada’s remote arctic wilderness. The Akshayuk Pass is a stunning valley surrounded by the southern Baffin Mountains in Nunavut. Through marshlands, sand, and moraines we trekked between the iconic peaks of Thor, Asgard, and Odin starting in the North Pangnirtung Fiord. The pass is a stunning ancient riverbed for the Owl and Weasel… Read More

Adventurer. Revolutionary. Cinematographer. The youngest person in the world to ski to the South Pole, and alongside her mom, the first Canadian women to ski to the South Pole. Sarah McNair-Landry is destined to leave her mark on adventuring. Growing up on Baffin Island, with Arctic guides as parents, Sarah was immersed in the culture. So exactly what can we include on her resume: In 2004-2005, she spent 52 days on an… Read More