I saw this physics experiment via a YouTube video a few months ago and wanted to try it out myself. All that you need is a copper pipe (conductive but not magnetic) and a neodymium or rare Earth magnet. Keep in mind that the magnet must be smaller than the diameter of the pipe! This experiment is a demonstration of Lenz’s law: An electric current induced by a changing magnetic field will… Read More

Everything that we use on a daily basis at some point needs to be serviced, including vehicles! Cars use many important fluids, but oil for the engine is a lifeline. Changing the oil in a car is critical for maintaining the performance of a vehicle – I have been changing the oil in my car every 10 000 km for the last 12 years. While gasoline is used for combustion in the… Read More

I saw this video yesterday via Upworthy and it is pretty awesome! Check out this link: If You Didn’t Love Bill Nye Before You See This, You’ll Love Him After (Or You’re A Cold Robot) His objective: Change the World!