This amazing fabric is a fun print that was designed to inspire young girls to reach for the stars – no matter how big and bold their dreams may be! It is now available for sale on in a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, canvas, and knits.

This Saturday Science Session used a variety of leftover materials from previous experiments, including oil-based paint and black and red toner that I had raided from a Staples recycle bin! It was the perfect opportunity to get creative and make magnetic art. Toner from a printer contains iron oxide particles, which are magnetic. Mixing toner and vegetable oil creates a ferrofluid which is a liquid that responds to a magnetic field. When… Read More

A Call for Media to Feature More Women in Science and Engineering via The Next Women. One of the biggest changes we can make to the portrayal of women is through the media. Paving the way for future generations of female engineers and scientists could be as simple as ensuring that the majority of youth can identify a female scientist or engineer instead of a reality TV star. — See more here.