I absolutely love this story of a rad chick following her dream of opening an all girls auto body shop! Meet Hilary: A 29 year old auto body repair technician from Toronto, Canada. She has worked for over 12 years in the automotive industry to build her skills and reputation. She has worked for two of the most reputable shops in Canada, Legendary Motorcar and 427 Auto Collision as well as currently… Read More

This Saturday Science Session used a variety of leftover materials from previous experiments, including oil-based paint and black and red toner that I had raided from a Staples recycle bin! It was the perfect opportunity to get creative and make magnetic art. Toner from a printer contains iron oxide particles, which are magnetic. Mixing toner and vegetable oil creates a ferrofluid which is a liquid that responds to a magnetic field. When… Read More

Powder Coating really is a powerful tool. And a powerful alternative to liquid paint. It’s used for appliances, automobiles, and it is the reason that rims on transport trucks look brand new. Powder coating is even key for specialized components in the aerospace industry. Powder coat is essentially dry powder that is cured at high temperatures (+350 degrees), to provide a resilient coating on a surface. The powder can be either a thermoplastic or… Read More