This week’s Saturday Science Session Experiment was creating a Lava Lamp with some simple ingredients. Totally easy and especially cool if you have neon food coloring! All you need is: – Water – Vegetable Oil – Food Coloring – Alka Seltzer Tablet – Glass – Light 1. Fill a glass with about 1/8th water. 2. Place the glass over a standing flashlight, or alternatively in the top of another glass that has… Read More

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a Friday night, definitely hit up the Sci Fri events hosted at the Ontario Science Center. These interactive events are meant to get you talking, innovated, and inspired about the world around us. The OSC organizes different events to checkout throughout 7-9pm on select Friday nights, as well as hosts the Science Cafe. It’s a forum and place for discussion on current science… Read More

Did you know that L’oreal is a proud supporter of Women in Science and together with UNESCO, recognizes the commitment outstanding women have made to their fields? L’oreal provides International, National, and Regional fellowships to women who are making a mark in the science industry. Their website also hosts a community forum for women in science. Checkout the website to see the best of the best over the past years and how… Read More