What does (R)evolution mean to you? Our world is constantly evolving and re-shaping itself; with that, we must share and embrace thought-provoking ideas of change. On November 17th, over 200 youth arrived at the Ontario Science Center for TEDxYouth@Toronto 2012 to start revolutionizing how we see the world. Speakers at the 2012 conference included: Aziza¬†Chaouni, Christopher Olah, Jeremy Friedberg, Marc Garneau, Natalie Panek, Rohit¬†Ramchandani, Ryan Porter, Yu-Ling Cheng, and performers Andrew “Pyro”… Read More

If you’re looking for a cool way to spend a Friday night, definitely hit up the Sci Fri events hosted at the Ontario Science Center. These interactive events are meant to get you talking, innovated, and inspired about the world around us. The OSC organizes different events to checkout throughout 7-9pm on select Friday nights, as well as hosts the Science Cafe. It’s a forum and place for discussion on current science… Read More