I brought a little science with me on my last backcountry canoe trip. After a long day of paddling and portaging, I pulled out a tiny bag of metal salts that I had been packing. The goal: to use the salts to create a dazzling light show over the campfire. The colored flames are generated by burning a small amount of a variety of metal salts in the fire. Different metals burn… Read More

This week’s Saturday Science Session Experiment was creating a Lava Lamp with some simple ingredients. Totally easy and especially cool if you have neon food coloring! All you need is: – Water – Vegetable Oil – Food Coloring – Alka Seltzer Tablet – Glass – Light 1. Fill a glass with about 1/8th water. 2. Place the glass over a standing flashlight, or alternatively in the top of another glass that has… Read More