Olympic National Park is one of the most amazing places to explore in the United States. Encompassing a large portion of the Olympic Peninsula, there are opportunities to visit three different ecosystems within the park: sub alpine forest where the Olympic mountains were sculpted by glaciers and streams into their current profile, temperate rain forest, and the rugged Pacific coastline. The main access point is Highway 101, which surrounds three sides of… Read More

I recently had the opportunity to explore Hawai’i’s amazingly rugged and beautiful Big Island. Here’s my list of top destinations to check out. Just south of the Kona International Airport by Honohokau Harbor, sea turtles bathe on the shoreline in the late afternoon. At Kaloko-Honokohau National Park, it’s an easy stroll along the beach to see multiple green turtles in the tide pools and all along the beach. It’s a quiet destination… Read More

A GoPro was a must have while out on a recent night snorkeling adventure in Kona, Hawaii to see Manta Rays. So cool and intense to stare down the mouth of a ray while only a foot away! You can check out the footage here.