Have you ever wondered what food looks like on a macro scale? What the food we eat everyday looks like under a microscope? I took a few everyday foods and had a look under my microscope. The results are pretty cool! Check out orange flesh, a radish, a carrot, and celery leaf.

I recently purchased a microscope and am enjoying looking at a variety of items through the lens. It always amazes me to see all of the patterns and colors. The cool part about microscopes is that they provide different perspectives of the same object when viewed at varying magnifications. Get your hands on a microscope if you can and have some fun with macro science! Some of the items in these photos… Read More

I previously wrote a post about capturing snowflakes on a high-speed camera. But now scientists are using super-chilled microscopes to study the geometric shapes and patterns of ice crystals! Researchers at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland used an electron microscope, super-cooled all the way down to -170 degrees Celsius to capture stunning images of the snowflakes. The photographs show hexagonal structures, grain structures, and crystalline branches. Check out the images… Read More