The last three weeks of the Space Studies program were dedicated to team projects. The three different team projects were Mars Caves, Space Aid, and Disaster Relief Management. Generally, everyone was looking forward to a change of pace in the program and having only one dedicated task focus for the remaining weeks. Team meetings kick-started the projects, in an effort to merge any literature surveys and preliminary work done individually. Participants met… Read More

The first month of the Space Studies Program was a brilliantly exhausting sequence of 63 lectures covering an extensive range of space-specific topics. We all appreciated the opportunity to learn about unfamiliar topics that we had little exposure to. Early evening (and into the early morning) celebrations hosted beautifully by the Northern European countries were a just reward after four long hours writing the examination. Where do we come from? Where are… Read More

It is hard to believe that the first three weeks at the International Space University Space Studies Program (SSP) passed by so quickly. However, I am certain our initial experiences exceeded all expectations. After three weeks, the high calibre of the SSP students continued to impress everyone. The opportunity to learn in such a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment was truly inspiring. Yet despite the vast differences present between many of the participating… Read More