I was at Theatre Junction Grand last weekend for an awards ceremony and noticed some low-hanging light bulbs in the reception area as a design feature. An incandescent light bulb produces ‘light’ via a filament wire that uses an electric current to heat it to a very high temperature, at which point the filament begins to glow. The filament is connected to contact wires and a base. The bulb itself is filled… Read More

Having worked at various science center’s and years of making Slime and Oobleck, when I saw a YouTube video of “cornstarch monsters”, I had to try it out! The ingredients are simple for the Oobleck: approximately 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of water mixed together. Then you will also need: -A speaker i.e. subwoofer is optimal -A metal tray or other thin container -An audio player that can be… Read More