How to Make Cornstarch Dance!

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Having worked at various science center’s and years of making Slime and Oobleck, when I saw a YouTube video of “cornstarch monsters”, I had to try it out!

The ingredients are simple for the Oobleck: approximately 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of water mixed together. Then you will also need:

-A speaker i.e. subwoofer is optimal
-A metal tray or other thin container
-An audio player that can be connected to the speaker

1. Place the tray or container on top of the speaker and fill with the cornstarch mixture.
2. Download different frequency test tones onto the music player – this is what will make the cornstarch dance!
3. Connect the music player to the speaker.
4. Play the test tones and watch the cornstarch come to life. You may have to play with different sounds for optimal performance.
5. I’ve seen internet videos where food coloring was added to the mixture as well.

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