Some raw footage from a canoe trip last fall in Algonquin Park. Paddling through the North Arm of Opeongo to Big Crow, and up the Crow River, where there is one of the most remarkable White Pine stands in North America. These pine tower 35 m high. The trip continued down Lake Lavieille to Dickson Lake, where the huge Red Pine in the area are over 340 years – the oldest in… Read More

There really is nothing better than getting outdoors and cruising on a lake for the first time in the season! Especially when the weather is gorgeous, the water is still, and the bugs are sparse. My preference is to be hiking over paddling, so my trips usually involve more portages than not and ideally the longer and unmaintained ones! Eating dinner at the edge of the water as the sun sets and… Read More

Fall in Ontario is undeniably beautiful. One of the best places for viewing is in Algonquin Provincial Park and f you hit the park at the right times (right at sunrise!), the crowds are definitely avoidable. It’s pure and beautiful wilderness that radiates vibrancy, leaving an unforgettable memory if you just let yourself be enraptured by the scenery.