The Problem Solvers Episode 2: Wild Space

In my world, problem solving is at the core of every space mission. Dreaming, conceptualizing, designing, building and testing hardware to operate in extreme environments. I have been so lucky to collaborate with Arc’teryx on a very special campaign called The Problem Solvers. Because the world needs more problem solvers. “That we might find ourselves one among many, collaborating, dreaming and designing our way to a better world.”

Through this initiative, Arc’teryx shared my story of using space robotics to service broken down satellites in orbit. Because as we explore space, it is just as important that we are accountable and responsible for how we explore. So what if reuse, repair, and recycle were principles we applied to satellites, to help reduce space junk? Solving this problem may require a shift in perspective – by seeing space as wilderness. Watch the full episode called Wild Space, or check out the full story!

Perhaps more impactful is that as part of the Arc’teryx Do Right Days, ALL profits from their online sales on Sept 4, for a total of $80,733.20!!!!, went to an amazing organization called Cybermentor. Cybermentor is an online mentoring program for girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). I am absolutely blown away by the generosity and support people have shown, and so excited that even more girls and young women might have the opportunity to connect with mentors in STEM through Cybermentor!

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