Why Smart Companies Value Public Outreach Initiatives

When employees are invited to participate in public outreach events, it is important for companies to show support. These initiatives can be very advantageous if they are in-line with a company’s core beliefs.

Public speaking and outreach initiatives allow creativity and innovation to thrive, providing opportunities to participate in community activities that include supporting education and other causes, helping to create a motivated workplace where every employee can realize their full potential.

The key to most successful companies is investing in employees so that they will invest in supporting that company’s Vision and Mission statements in return. Allowing opportunities for personal growth while simultaneously encouraging public outreach initiatives supports sustainability and succession planning, especially in employees seen as future leaders in any company.

Opportunities for keynote speaking on relevant topics, specifically in my case related to advancing the status of women, allows passionate employees to help contribute to something meaningful, which only increases motivation at work and building a positive work environment.

Opportunities for speaking to large, broad audiences are methods of extending employee responsibilities beyond work hours, representing their company as a leader. This will only serve to market and improve any company’s profile in the commercial marketplace, which in turn should contribute to growth of the organization.

Companies should look to build trust by supporting innovative initiatvies, and helping motivated employees align talents with broader interests, all of which can be directly related to the company’s core business philosophies.

Speaking opportunities will only open future doors and growth, thus providing employees the opportunity to develop job and career enhancing skills, and in turn benefit long-term business plans.

Outreach initiatives allow staff to pursue training and development in directions they feel are important and have input on, not just in company-assigned directions. This is a defining factor in keeping employees interested and engaged. Fostering life-long learning is a key factor for any company.

Speaking at high-profile events gives employees the opportunity as an ambassador to enhance their company’s profile in the marketplace – to current and future employees, as well as stakeholders and shareholders.

While the outreach activities that employees are passionate about might not be directly applicable to day-to-day specific work, they are certainly relevant in any work environment.

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