The Golden Spike Company

The Golden Spike Company is sending people and nations to the moon! Now that is a headline! Golden Spike has joined the list of private companies interested in space exploration; specifically the moon, and plans to make exploration accessible to everyone on Earth and on the expeditions.

Golden Spike has a team backed by big names with a ton of experience in both the business world and the space industry. Martian and Lunar expeditions have piqued the interested of humans for decades and it is part of our nature to commit to that level of exploration. The key to Golden Spike’s campaign is affordable and efficient lunar orbital and surface expeditions, while involving the public via every form of media.

They are looking initially for $240 000 and have launched a crowdsourcing campaign via Indiegogo, with a variety of sponsorship levels. Through the campaign, Golden Spike not only wants to put humans back on the moon, but revolutionize space and planetary exploration. Be sure to check out their website for more information!

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