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There is something to be said for people who not only live their lives with passion and zest, but transform adversity into inspiration and enable others to push beyond all barriers.

Last fall, while at a cottage on Leonard Lake, I spent an early morning navigating through pictures of a canoe trip some friends had taken on the Mountain River. I listened intently as stories were passed along from the experience. Flying in a float plane over the Mackenzie Mountains, using Class III whitewater skills at the confluence of the Black Feather Creek and Mountain River, and navigating through channels and canyons with stunning mountain scenery and fascinating geology. But in reality, this river sounded dangerous with both physical and mental challenges for all who tempted it. Needless to say, all signs indicated that having the best of the best in guides made all the difference.

Their trip was led by four guides from Nahanni River Adventures and it was evident that they know their stuff. From wilderness fundamentals, to safety, river scouting, and everything else essential to surviving in the outdoors, these guides with a passion for nature provided an unforgettable experience.

And, you would never know which one has diabetes. Traversing technical and treacherous white water, all while wearing an insulin pump, and fully responsible for the safety and well-being of the entire expedition. Simply extraordinary.

Chloe Steepe was diagnosed with diabetes at 18, while on a high school trip in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. She started using a Medtronic insulin pump during her first year at university and realized that working with the adversity makes it easier to face challenges and push limits, especially in the outdoors, whether canoeing, camping, climbing, hiking, or mountain biking.

Chloe has degrees in Physical and Health Education, and Geography. She is also fully certified as an Advanced Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Nahanni River Guide, and Flat-Water Canoe Instructor with 8 years of experience guiding Canoe trips in Ontario, Quebec, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Using her passion for the outdoors as inspiration, Chloe created Connected in Motion, which is an organization committed to uniting and inspiring people with Type 1 diabetes through outdoor activity and experiential learning. Without a doubt, Chloe is a leader in our generation and is changing the face of diabetes education in Canada. The organization is a support system of peers with similar interests and provides a forum for how to adapt to the disease while still living a physically active life. Living with diabetes means you recognize limits and learn how to work as a team…how to conserve energy, encourage each other, and be inspired. Chloe learned this while on a cycling trip with a group called HypoActive in Australia. Chloe then brought her knowledge and inspiration back to Canada. Simply put:

“You can read so much and talk to your doctor so much but, ultimately, it’s what works for you.  You really do just have to go out and do it.”

Check out the website for more information on her amazing cause and organization.

One Comment on “Connected in Motion

  1. Very well done Natalie. Our group which consisted primarily of Taylor Statten Camps Alumni had the good fortune to have Chloe as one of our four guides on the Mountain River last summer. It was indeed an extremely challenging and sometimes dangerous expedition. Our guides including Chloe were the best and most qualified you will find anywhere.
    Currently Chloe and her husband Rob Vance are guiding a three week trip on the Nahanni River, from the Moose Ponds to Nahanni Butte.

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