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Girls Action Foundation is a national charitable organization that lays the foundations for girls’ programs across Canada. Their mandate is to build girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence in order to challenge themselves to make a difference.

The foundation follows the principles of innovation, inclusion, leadership, change, and catalyst to inspire action and address relevant issues facing the young female population of today. The foundation also provides a vast resources network to provide mentors and opportunities to young women.

Most importantly, the organization allows girls to be ‘experts in their own lives’ and provides resources to use their knowledge to the fullest. Girls Action is a forum for girls to speak their mind and cultivate passion to make a difference to the issues that our generation faces. provides national leadership programs for young women, the Amplify program for girls program organizers, national retreats, regional gatherings, online webinars, and the Light a Spark program to recognize strong women who have made a mark in their fields.

Also, is an online space for young women to influence change in society. It’s a place for Girls Action Foundation members to connect and become empowered. Check out my guest blog post from earlier this week!

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