Ontario Centres of Excellence

I know what it is like to be presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and have money be the sole obstacle. In 2008 I was awarded an internship at Goddard Space Flight Center; but with a hefty price tag. I was unable to afford the program fees as a graduate student but was adamant that I would not waste such an incredible opportunity. I e-mailed every contact I could think of in hopes I could gain some sort of support but to no avail. I eventually and maybe fatefully stumbled upon the Ontario Centres of Excellence website and the organization without hestitation, fully funded my program. I am forever grateful and was rewarded with one of the best experiences of my life.

The Ontario Centres of Excellence works with industry and academia to foster business relationships and support innovation to help the Ontario economy.

“OCE fosters the training and development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a key partner with Ontario’s industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, investors and governments.”

OCE has commercialization programs, talent programs, technology transfer partnerships, and a social innovation program. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or looking for support undertaking a fundamental learning experience to help boost your career, the OCE likely has a program for you. Check out the Young Talent webpage for resources to help get the training you need.


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