A year of my adventures and travels – you can take the girl out of the mountains but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl. Video available here! Advertisements

To me, every spectacular facet of nature lies in the tiny details that always seem to take your breath away. So for any of you who have explored some of Canada’s outdoors, perhaps you’ll agree with some of the reasons why I adore it so much. Gazing upon a mountain range in the Rockies from the opposite side of a ridge indulges us in their vast size and the rough yet slow… Read More

I was heading home last year for a much-needed dose of the mountains. Passing through Pearson airport to my gate, I stumbled upon the latest issue of Explore Magazine, ‘Canada’s National Parks’. I was immediately intrigued and thought the magazine would help pass the time during take-off and landing, when I would not be able to watch the TV’s on the airplane. I have seen my fair share of Canada’s wilderness and… Read More