The word “Yoho” is a Cree expression of awe and wonder. And these are the exact sentiments that hiking in Yoho National Park leave you with. The park is filled with emerald lakes, towering rock walls, and gorgeous waterfalls – a spectacular and special place for exploring the backcountry. Starting in the town of Field, hiking up the Burgess Pass to Yoho Lake, across the Iceline, down the valley of the Little… Read More

To me, every spectacular facet of nature lies in the tiny details that always seem to take your breath away. So for any of you who have explored some of Canada’s outdoors, perhaps you’ll agree with some of the reasons why I adore it so much. Gazing upon a mountain range in the Rockies from the opposite side of a ridge indulges us in their vast size and the rough yet slow… Read More