A recently posted article in Glamour magazine explores the four women astronauts possibly one day bound for Mars. Astronauts Nicole Aunapu Mann, Anne McClain, Jessica Meir, and Christina Hammock Koch, based out of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston would all love a ticket. When asked about a mission to Mars, Dava Newman, NASA’s deputy administrator says “This will be the longest, farthest, and most ambitious space-­exploration mission in history”. And yet… Read More

Did you know there are caves on Mars? Lava tubes more precisely. When I was at NASA Ames Research Center, I worked on a project called Assessing Cave Capabilities and Evaluating Specific Solutions (ACCESS) Mars, to determine if underground habitation is more feasible for humans than surface habitation. ACCESS Mars explores the future of robotic and human Martian exploration via subsurface habitation. The understanding of the Martian environment has changed over time… Read More

NASA is again attempting to reach the surface of Mars with the development of Mars Science Laboratory – a rover also known as Curiosity. This state of the art equipment takes advantage of innovative precision landing technology in order to reach areas of Mars that were previously not viable (other recent Martian vehicles include the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers and the Phoenix Mars Lander). The program is managed by the Jet Propulsion… Read More