Intel has published some great material regarding “Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing” via the MakeHers Report. Through their Global Girls and Women Initiative, Intel aims to empower millions of girls and women around the world by closing the gender gap in education access, inspiring more girls and women to become creators of technology, and connecting girls and women to opportunity through technology access. I think initiatives… Read More

This Saturday Science Session used a variety of leftover materials from previous experiments, including oil-based paint and black and red toner that I had raided from a Staples recycle bin! It was the perfect opportunity to get creative and make magnetic art. Toner from a printer contains iron oxide particles, which are magnetic. Mixing toner and vegetable oil creates a ferrofluid which is a liquid that responds to a magnetic field. When… Read More

I saw this physics experiment via a YouTube video a few months ago and wanted to try it out myself. All that you need is a copper pipe (conductive but not magnetic) and a neodymium or rare Earth magnet. Keep in mind that the magnet must be smaller than the diameter of the pipe! This experiment is a demonstration of Lenz’s law: An electric current induced by a changing magnetic field will… Read More