I recently read Richard Branson’s  book ‘Reach for the Skies’. It is a tribute to and an exploration of the history of flight. An inspirational tale of the visionaries and adventurers who paved the path for aviation and revolutionized air travel. Cam Robertson and Todd Reichert are going to become a building block in that history, for their fearless and audacious pursuit of aviation dreams and records. Cam and Todd are the real deal… Read More

Whether you’ve always dreamed of flying a plane, currently hold a license, or are just a general aviation enthusiast, check out the Ninety-Nines! The Ninety-Nines is an international organization of women pilots. The organization is a networking system and support system promoting the advancement of women in aviation headquartered in Oklahoma City but with chapters all over the world. The organization also has scholarships, hosts conferences, and has a resource center for members…. Read More