The Power of Social Media: GoPro

I recently posted about my canoe trip along the Bowron Lakes circuit in B.C. After sorting through numerous photos from the trip, I decided to submit a couple of the photos to GoPro.

A few days later, my photo was posted through GoPro’s social media platforms and I instantly became part of GoPro’s social media marketing strategy.

My generation has an unprecedented sense of connectivity because we have grown up in an era of internet and mobile communication. While I believed this before, I witnessed this firsthand when this single photo reached almost 90 000 likes on Facebook.

The internet is a powerful tool and when used for good, can inspire a generation to embrace positive social action; revolutionizing the way we live and work with the click of a mouse. I like to think of social media as my own personal idea generator; a source of inspiration, a mode of collaboration, an a medium for blazing a trail for others to follow.

You can check out the photo on Facebook (and ‘Like’ it) here!

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