Summits and Starlight – Paul Zizka

Reading the newspaper a few weeks ago, I came across some of the most spectacular photography I have ever seen. Perhaps it was the stunning backdrops of stars across velvet skies, the northern lights dancing over the Rockies, or just the mountains themselves, but I have spent hours gazing at the pictures taken by photographer Paul Zizka.

Summits and Starlight: The Canadian Rockies, is a compilation of his stunning work, which can also be found on his website. Each picture tells a story and makes you appreciate the work and art that is required to capture a proper frame — especially in such a digital world when the art of photography is oftentimes replaced by the speed at which a picture can be taken, stored, and viewed.

His work makes me miss home more than ever, yet also draws you to the power of wanderlust and exploration; especially in our own backyard.

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