Saturday Science Sessions – Frozen Bubbles

Inspired by recently published stunning photos Angela Kelly took of the frozen bubbles she created with her son, I had to try this out myself!

I wanted to put a little twist on the images, and decided to photograph at night (and again in the morning because the results were so cool!). You can check out the results in the slideshow.

This experiment used a mixture of:

– 2 Parts Bubble solution (liquid dish soap + water)
– 1 Part corn syrup
– 1 Part hot water, mixed with the corn syrup initially

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A bubble is formed by a layer of water molecules trapped between two fine layers of soap molecules. At temperatures around -15 degrees celcius, the water layer freezes before the bubble can burst. The addition of the corn syrup increases the surface tension of the bubbles.

After a short period of time, the air inside the bubble disperses and the wall of ice collapses under its own weight. Look at the frozen soap wall of a bubble — it looks like a broken eggshell.


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