Summer Top Ten!

Check out my summer top 10 list – the best of the best for exploring in summer!

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Power Traveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger – A compact solar charger with solar panel output of 3W that can fully charge a battery pack in about 15 hours of strong sunlight. Key for charging lithium ion camera batteries on extended backpacking trips.

GorillaPod by Joby – The original flexible camera tripod is a no-brainer for backcountry trips or taking cool shots anytime/anywhere. The small, light-weight, and compact tripod stows away in any small backpack space and is key for shooting the stars or other long-exposure images you may want to capture!

Failure is Not an Option by Gene Kranz – My summer reading list would not be complete without the stories from Flight Director Gene Kranz during the Mercury and Apollo eras of space exploration. An epic memoir of what it took to land humans on the moon and how to innovate for extreme environments.

Black Diamond Flare Daypack – Finally a bag that integrates functional technology into the backpacking system! This top-loading pack offers ‘…a comfortable ergoACTIV suspension system, consisting of complementary components: Swing Arm shoulder straps, which are connected by a low-friction cable to allow them to maintain even loading across your shoulders; a proprietary, custom-shaped ball joint holding the frame to the hip belt, allowing it – and you – to move unrestricted in any direction; and a V-Motion 6061 aluminum frame, with customizable anatomical contour for stability and efficient load transfer to your hips.’ Essentially the bag moves with you, providing flexibility, which is especially essential when scrambling or climbing.

Arc’teryx Stingray Jacket – An all-around go-to piece, I use this jacket for everything and in every season. The jacket is both resilient and durable, fabricated from a ‘lightly insulated GORE-TEX® Soft Shell textile’. The jacket is waterproof, windproof, and lightly insulated yet still breathable. The jacket is remarkably comfortable with tons of room for layering depending on the weather. Without a doubt one of my fave all-time jackets!

Science Stuff – As always, I love doing science experiments and there’s no better time than during the long days of summer. It is always a good idea to keep some basic ingredients on hand: baking soda, vinegar, magnets, beakers, Glow sticks, paint, food coloring, liquid dish soap etc.!

Dominoes a.k.a Mexican Train Board Game – Everyone loves a good board game and there’s nothing better than getting together with friends and family with good food and drinks on a summer patio, playing games as the sun goes down. This game is great for large groups of people; just make sure you have enough table space!

Pelican Cases – Perfect for keeping valuables like camera gear dry and protected from the environment during trips into the backcountry. The waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof cases have a tough outer shell with an open cell foam core that is customizable to your needs. The large product range means there is definitely something for everyone.

Milwaukee Demolition Screwdrivers – The best method to understand how things work is to take things apart. This screwdriver set features hardened tips that have been heat treated to increase the lifetime and durability of the tools. This versatile set is said to last under harsh conditions and continued use.

MiciBot – I recently discovered these really cool necklaces on Etsy. They speak for themselves!

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