Bombardier Q400 Series

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Inspired by my Bombardier plant tour after my presentation for International Women’s Day, I decided to investigate the Canadian-built Q400 and Global fleet of aircraft along with our rich aviation history.

The Q400 (also known as the Dash-8, with ‘Q’ standing for Quiet) is a twin-engined turboprop plane with a maximum cruise speed of 667 km/hr. Also affectionately known as the de Havilland Canada Dash 8 first introduced in 1984, which is an improved version of the Dash-7.

Built at the Downsview plant in Ontario with engines built by Pratt & Whitney, it’s the most advanced turboprop engine in service today. More specifically because of increased fuel efficiencies over short distances. At 32.8m long (roughly a third the length of a football field) and with an advanced Cabin Noise and Vibration Suppression (NVS) system, the Q400 has the lowest noise and engine emissions in its class. Cool!

The Bombardier Global Express is an ultra long-range high-speed jet aircraft introduced in the early 90’s and still currently in production. The power plant for this fleet is two BMW RollsRoyce BR-710 turbofans. Fun fact: the Global Express flies intercontinental ranges without requiring refueling!

So next time you are flying short-haul distances, take a second to check what type of aircraft you are flying on. Odds are it is Canadian-built! I am proud of our Canadian aviation history and excited for the future.

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