The Bruce Trail

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The Bruce Trail is an iconic landmark of Canada, running almost 900km along the Niagara Escarpment (which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve). The trail runs from the tip of the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario and ends in beautiful Tobermory on the Georgian Bay. While the trail passes through plenty of rugged landscape, it also runs through some very populated areas of Southern Ontario and the GTA.

Some of the Provincial Parks and Conservation areas that the trail crosses include Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, and Bruce Peninsula National Park. Many sections of the trail are accessible as day trips; or, completing longer sections is possible where camping is permitted along the trail.

The trail is maintained by The Bruce Trail Conservancy, who is committed to conserving the natural ecosystem, trails, and Biosphere Reserve found along the path. More information can be found at:

2 Comments on “The Bruce Trail

  1. Takes me back to Georgian Bay of my youth – beautiful photography Nat – nothing like taking a leap off one of the bluffs into that clear blue water – IN SUMMER please.

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