The Limit Pusher

Reading through Backpacker Magazine, I came across the quiz, ‘What Kind of Hiker are You?’. Instantly I read through the categories: Limit Pusher, Multisport Maniac, Peakbagger, Wildlife Lover, Mileage Master, and Family Traveler.

While likely that I have traits from all of the categories, the ‘Limit Pusher’ was a little uncanny given the conversation I had 5 minutes prior, and resulted in a fabulous run of gut-laughing. So here is the Limit Pusher:

Is it steep or far? Sizzling hot or bitterly cold? Preferably all four, with a 60-pound pack, GPS, and crampons required. She became a scout at 13 and trains with ankle weights on 20-mile day hikes. Shaved 4 minutes, 31 seconds off her PR for the Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim to Rim by tweaking the beats per minute on her iPod soundtrack. On her birthday each February, she spends the night outside with no tent or bag – to prove she still can. Aspires to live in Montana.

Hero: None. They imply weakness, just like bug dope and sunhats.

Standard Workout: Anything that nearly makes her vomit. Currently logging doubles at two CrossFit gyms.

Bedtime Reading: The Home of the Blizzard, Douglas Mawson’s account of surviving starvation and crevasses on an epic journey to the South Pole.

Last trip: Bushwacked Denali’s toughest, biggest units (2,22) “for the real Alaska experience.” Proudly reports 673 mosquito bites, trench foot, 27 miles covered in 2 days.

You know you’re a Limit Pusher if…You have trouble finding a partner. Check out Chile or the Himalayas.

Haha love it! Except last Feb I spent my b-day in an igloo, looked forward to my -25 deg C runs in the mountains over the past holidays, and am reading Bear Grylls ‘Mud, Sweat, and Tears”.

So what mindset do you have?

One Comment on “The Limit Pusher

  1. Yes! Back-country camping is the best place to celebrate any Birthday! 🙂
    Standard workout sounds familiar too :)))))

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