When I studied engineering in University, a new program was on the horizon aimed at inspiring young girls to engage in science and engineering fields.

Cybermentor is an online mentoring program that assigns girls aged 11 to 18 to a mentee-mentor relationship with professional women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.

The main goals of the Cybermentor program are to:

“Expand girls’ knowledge of careers, opportunities and benefits that exist for women in science and engineering fields. They have the opportunity to communicate with mentors from diverse fields, expanding their options for potential career paths in the process.”

“Provide a motivation for girls to continue in their math and science studies through interaction with women role models who are studying and practicing in these fields.”

One of the biggest downfalls of our society is the lack of female role models and mentors in science and technology, especially in the media given how powerful a medium it is. We cannot forget the power of mentoring and when the number of mentors in the STEM fields is so small, we need to start making these positive role models a focal point of the media. We need to be encouraging more women towards leading innovation and revolutionizing what females can accomplish in science, engineering, and technology fields.

The Cybermentor program was featured in an article entitled “Science careers start with young girls”, published by The Globe and Mail on November 22, 2012. Check it out!

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