Mars Desert Research Station

The Mars Analog Research Station (MARS) project is a test field environment initiated by the Mars Society to prepare humans for future exploration of Mars. There are four international research bases in the Canadian Arctic, Utah, the Australian Outback, and Iceland. Field operations help to develop key background knowledge in the areas of geology and biology via testing and exploration and help a team of scientists and researchers live under the similar conditions and constraints that would happen on Mars.

Areas of research include testing habitat designs, strategies for exploration, tools, technology, and equipment. The field laboratory will also help understand environment conditions on Mars and how to be flexible in such a place. The missions should inspire humans to embrace exploration.

Researchers of various backgrounds participate in 2 week rotations over an 8 month period, living and working on site at one of the MDRS’s. By doing so, the stations can contribute towards the development of key enabling technology required for future Mars exploration.

The MDRS field seasons requires the crew for various rotations throughout December to May. Volunteers as crew members must pay their own pay to Grand Junction, Colorado, in addition to a $1000 participation fee if selected after the application process. MDRS accepts both individual and group (a crew of 6 people) applications.

MDRS is very interested in what YOU can contribute, so be prepared to have a proposal of projects or research that would be performed on your rotation.

There is a specific position for a crew engineer to help maintain the station during any given rotation. This person must have experience with various engineering/handyman duties.

More information for the 2012-2013 season can be found online. Applications are usually due prior to September 30.

Questions should be sent to:

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