There are those that dream, and then there are those that make their dreams come true. Failure is Not an Option gets down to the nitty gritty of what it took to be at the core of the manned space program during the Mercury and Apollo missions. Technology is going to unavoidably fail, and when it does, preparation, teamwork, and knowledge of your system down to the very last detail will bring… Read More

Jon Krakauer during his summit of Mount Everest stated that he “thrilled in the fresh perspective of turning the ordinary plane of existence on end.” The Canadian Rockies provide every opportunity to turn that plane right upside down. The Rockies are a gateway to an ultimate adventure; an adventurers dream with adventure knocking at ever corner. And for those looking for a quick escape from the city for a day of backcountry… Read More

The key to female empowerment is not only changing the way society perceives women but, more importantly, by changing the way women view themselves and what they can accomplish. Whether through a lack of role models at a young age or a disproportionate focus in the media, opportunities for women in Science, Engineering, and Technology fields are often overshadowed. This website is a medium for women (and men!) to recognize the vast… Read More