Talking Leadership posted: ” There is very little evidence today of balance in the workplace. Some people work too hard and call themselves workaholics with a sense of pride; others work too little and use balance as an excuse for laziness. Workaholic leaders often promote the id” Check out this article that builds a case for the work-life balance and the productivity that can result from a rested, energized, and motivated team… Read More

Over the last few years I have read quite a few of Richard Branson’s books, from ‘Screw It, Let’s do It’ to ‘Like a Virgin’, and ‘Screw Business as Usual’. He is quite the character and a savvy business man who has learned to trust both logic and intuition. He plays by his own rules and seems to remain true to himself throughout all of his endeavors. If not to pick up… Read More

I took a few seconds to do a little rearranging at the book store…and a throwback to an older blog post.