Check out my summer top 10 list – the best of the best for exploring in summer! Power Traveller PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Charger – A compact solar charger with solar panel output of 3W that can fully charge a battery pack in about 15 hours of strong sunlight. Key for charging lithium ion camera batteries on extended backpacking trips. GorillaPod by Joby – The original flexible camera tripod is a no-brainer… Read More

Largest flying boat ever built. Largest aircraft wingspan ever. Heavy transport aircraft. The Hughes H-4 Hercules, also known as the Spruce Goose! The Spruce Goose was a beast of an airplane that made its only flight in 1947, a singular entity preserved in the Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon. Ship builder and magnate Henry Kaiser generated the operations concept for the plane and turned to Howard Hughes for the design and construction…. Read More